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Deposit Funds & Manage Funds

Cheapsmmpk works with balance based system, it means that you deposit funds in your account so you can later spend them inside the web-site! We are not able to reverse funds once they are deposited. 
The default currency in the website is USD ( $ ) all payments should be done in the main currency otherwise it might come with delay.
Payment Gateway's we accept - : 

Perfect Money

Edit your Cheapsmmpk account settings

You can change your account password , API Credentials , e-mail or notification in your  cheapsmmpk Account Settings If you think your private keys got compromised , please just click refresh them for your security. We highly recommend to keep your details safe and personal.

Contacts and Support

We available on Skype and E-mail during Business Days ( Monday to Saturday ) from 10:00AM to 18:00PM GMT+0
Usually we estimate to reply for urgent cases within 12 hours , for general cases 24-48 hours.

  •  pushpendrarathor.emik
  •  pushpendrarathor.emik@gmail.com
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Correct Links inputs for Services

All Purchases you submit are final, and after the order is added we cannot cancel or stop it! The Followers/Likes or any other kind of actions made cannot be reversed.

  1. Instagram:

    [ Instagram Followers ]
    URL Example : http://instagram.com/USERNAME
    Where USERNAME is your Instagram Username , the Profile MUST NOT BE PRIVATE! Order the order will not be fulfilled

    [ Instagram Likes ]
    URL Example : http://instagram.com/p/dXd41d
    You can find your picture link by navigating to your Instagram Profile click over the picture and copy the URL
  2. Vine:

    [ Vine Followers ]
    URL Example : 35643354335333
    First open the Vine app on your mobile device. Then go to your own profile by selecting profile from the top drop down menu.
    Now, from your profile page, select Settings.
    Now scroll down and Press Invite via Text.

    [ Vine Likes & Revine & Comments]
    URL Example : https://vine.co/v/hjzbtJ10QelW
    First you need to create a new Vine video and post it to your feed.
    Next step is to tap the ellipses icon below the Vine video you want.
    Now you need to click share this post from the popup menu.
    Hit the Copy Link Option and Paste it to us :)
  3. Twitter:

    [ Twitter Followers ]
    URL Example : http://twitter.com/USERNAME
    Where USERNAME is your Twitter Username
    The Twitter Profile must be Public
    [ Twitter Retweets & Favorites ]
    URL Example : http://twitter.com/status/12313131
    The Twitter Profile must be Public
  4. Youtube:

    [ Youtube Views, Likes]
    URL Example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzwkXSADpqE
    [ Youtube Subscribers]
    URL Example : http://www.youtube.com/user/username
  5. Facebook:

    [ Page Likes ]
    URL Example : http://www.facebook.com/YOURPAGE

    [ Post or Photo Likes ]

    URL Example : https://www.facebook.com/someprofile/photos/a.209520.51263.2095202/5525904/
    URL Example : https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1546730518892238
    URL Example : https://www.facebook.com/someprofile/posts/864315723564256

    ( Click the Date \"November 14\" to go for the post page then copy the url link ) 

    [ Page Followers / Subscribers ]

    URL Example : http://www.facebook.com/YOURPAGE
    The page or the post/photo must be shared to public and not to friends only!
  6. Soundcloud:

    [ Track Plays & Downloads ]
    URL Example : https://soundcloud.com/username/d-67d4-992b-c46097e1b4c4
    The Soundcloud Profile must be public and able to recieve views
  7. Pinterest :

    [ Followers ]
    URL Example : https://www.pinterest.com/yourusername
    [ Likes or Repins ]
    URL Example : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/165296248793613004/

Automatic Orders


  1. You can find the Automatic Orders on Automatic Orders
  2. For Automatic Orders is almost like a regular order , the difference is you define your target amount , and system will automatically add X actions per day until your target amount is done.
  3. This is also known as Drip feed Orders because it keeps dripping actions during X time until it's done.
  4. Simple example would be you want 10.000 Twitter followers but you want to add 1000 daily! System will run for 10 days adding 1000 each day until the 10.000 are completed!
  5. It's your own responsibility if you place wrong links or private users , we will not refund those.
  6. If you have no balance we will stop this task automatically.
  7. No Extra Fees for this service


API , what is this and How it works?

Cheapsmmpk API ( application programming interface) is used to automatically place orders through your Cheapsmmpk account just by calling a simple URL on our server. 
This is the most effective method when you have a lot of orders you won't waste time all day by adding and controlling your orders manually!
By integrating API into your website you will be able to automatically add orders and consult order status in any software or application ( php , java , c, mobile app ) just be using a HTTP client.
This method use a unique Private Key Authentication share between the server and the costumer only.This key passed as a parameter in any calls you perform to identify your account.
If for any reason your Private Key is compromised you should contact us immediately or just visit your Account Settings and Reset your keys.

  1. You can find the Instructions how to use the API on API Manual
  2. You can find your API KEY on : Settings
  3. If you are using API its your sole responsibility any orders made through your api key, we will not refund any mistake you/your code made.
  4. You should have enough balance to perform orders or we will reply with a FAIL error.
  5. We have the right to refuse/disable any API Key if we detect unusual activity, including bugged calls spamming our server or any 3rd party errors without previously tell you/your representative.
  6. We require sometimes your Server IP in order to Authorize your Machine to Add orders Automatically
  7. YOU SHOULD NEVER share your Smmraja API Key!

Instagram Likes Spread

  1. You can find the Instagram Likes Spread on Social Market -> Instagram Likes Spread
  2. This is basically a script that checks for the the 10 latest pictures for a public instagram user and automatically add orders of likes for each recent picture
  3. This service is free of extra-costs , the only item you pay is the amount of likes you order or define to order
  4. Instagram Likes will be used to give Likes to the Pictures
  5. You must configure how much likes do you want for each picture.
  6. You should configure how much pictures we should get ( maximum 10 latest )
  7. If the user turn itself on Private Mode we cannot delivery the service